MIDIPAL + ROLAND Boutique Series

Anybody using the Roland Boutique Series synthesizers? Unfortunately the synthesizers are not easily automatable without serious sysex-scripting or available software workarounds(maxMSP, tbmidistuff) on other OS/Windows-oriented devices.

The kind folks at the rolandclan forum (http://forums.rolandclan.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=50934&sid=cb4efaf238ce991e6db3cc4dd8cc7f7d&start=15) have hacked this problem but unfortunately not for hardware only setups Meaning: you can remotely control your boutique synth via tb midi stuff or via max-plugins and bcr2000 patches. (BCR2000 which has become sort of a multipurpose powerhouse after further improvementsā€¦ but then again, why new stuff when you have the swiss army knife of midi interfaces) . But there are loads of midi controllers out there and iĀ“d like for my midiPAL to be able to translate from them to my JP-08

So my Suspicion is that said problem can be solved with a MidiPAL. Either by importing MIDI-files with automations by converting them into sysex mesages (prior to import) or by translating from a midi CC (8-bit) to sysEX (7-bit standard on the boutiques). My second suspicion is that such a hack would find a broad audience and further expand the empire the MidiPal has made for itself in hardware setups. I really like the boutique synths but the lack of proper Midi-CC is a serious limitation for any live act situation as the filter is very expressive but the sliders and slider distances beyound miniscule. As of now i am not frustrated enough to start hacking this problem myself (yet) -as it would set back all my production work -again. If anyone has hacked this problem or needs the incentive to do so, i can assure you fellow forumites: Said User will be made golden. Many many people will donate to said programmers paypal account and I will be the first. Thank you for your time :slight_smile: