MIDIpal programming

Hey there. New here! I just put together my MIDIpal, no headaches though it was my first surface mount project. I’m enjoying it a lot but… I’m wondering if anyone has done any custom programming for the MIDIpal. I’m considering trying to jump in to it for a function I’d like to add to the chord memory tool- I want to use midi mod wheel to cycle through different chord inversions. I’m suspicious that the effort to implement this will not be worth the amount of time it’ll take to get up to speed, I’ve done a reasonable amount of coding though. Has anyone tried messing with the code?

You can do a small amount of customisation with the MIDIPal page:


But it won’t help you with your chord idea. If that isn’t enough then you’ll have to look at the code.

sounds very interesting, unfortunately not something i’m even remotely able to help with. i suspect it’s a fair bit of work though…