MIDIpal Prog Ch to Note or CCs possible?

I’m new here, and need to transform Prog Ch to note or CCs. Is it possible with MIDIpal? Without latency, of course.
thanks in advance

Converting program changes into CCs is possible.

You need to create a custom filter with the following settings:

  • Select the MIDI channels you are interested in.
  • Select Program change in the Event type column.
  • Select CCize as a transformation type.
  • Select Set to as a transformation for Data A and input your CC number here.
  • Select No modification as a transformation for “Data B” and check Swap source (because you want the program change value to become the CC value).

The latency will be the latency of receiving the full program change message (0.64ms).

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I need each ProgCh # to become CC # (basically each pedal a different command), and I will need a CC value (fixed) for each of them. I suppose this is possible. To have 2 values for each ProgCh (127/0 for example) to make the pedals toggle between them seems not possible. Am I correct?
one more question: Are you sure the latency would be around 0.64ms (less than 1ms) or 64ms in the correct value?
thanks again :slight_smile: