Midipal octave transpose app


I just got a MidiGal and I wish I could use it to transpose octaves from my midi keyboards (which don’t have this feature built-in) with the encoder.

I have no prior experience with programming and wonder if this would be possible for someone willing to learn a few things along the way.

Thanks in advance,

I wonder if this isn’t already possible with the scale app?

It’s seems that there is a transpose function but I assume it works per semitones not octaves.
Moreover I don’t want the notes I play to be scaled.

You can set the scale to chromatic so that it will just pass all notes… And then you could use the transpose to transpose. But it will be in semitones so you’ll need to transpose +12 or -12 for an octave.
I guess you could easily modify the scale app to transpose in octaves.

Yeah let’s try that first. :slight_smile:

@dubtoms You may want to check MidiBUD firmware described here – it can do note transposition and lots of other useful things.