MIDIpal not working

I’ve just received a MIDIpal but there seems to be a problem with it. When it’s powered up (DC or battery), the display just shows a * on the left of the display. The small red and green LEDs above the display are flashing. Turning the encoder does nothing. If I click on the encoder it takes me to MIDI channel selection. Clicking on the encoder again takes me back to the *. MIDI in and out work, and the display shows what note is being played, but that’s all it’s doing!


LEDs are flashing, LCD display is working, MIDI in/out is working, the unit reacts to both the encoder rotation and click, and the monitor application seems to be working.

Can you clarify what is “not working” about it?

@davide37: a new midipal starts with the ‘monitor’ app running when you switch it on - which doesn’t do much unless you feed it with some midi input. this had me wondering for a minute or two whether something was wrong when i got mine. then i figured out how to load another app. :slight_smile: maybe you’ve got the same problem?

User manual

yup, that’s what helped me - can recommend it! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all, I realised that I had to click on the encoder and then turn to select.