MidiPal mounting behind MU Prototype Panel complete

Completed the prototype panel for my modular and wanted to share.

The tie-in between my MU modular and Midi is not obvious but for me it was more about have a mounting location, powered from my modular power supply (+5 rail) and the addition of 8 analog pots, two of which also accept CV (control voltage). Styled to look much like my other Moog gear (STG Soundlabs modules, synth.com, etc) the spacing was tricky because of the footprint of the MidiPal, it’s Midi cables which are not particularly flexible, and the desire to have all of the controls accessible.

The biggest issue for me was cutting that dreaded rectangle hole for the LCD but it worked out well enough. I may be looking to do a few at panel express with some laser art and text.

The Analog inputs also work great. I used them to control some soft synths (SonicProjects OP-X) and some other gear. Sure, I could simply use the pots integrated into one of my keyboard controls but the up-front accessibility of the 8 pots right in front of me and alongside LFOs, my clock dividers, etc. is useful.

Other apps like the MidiClock are also useful in this format. I don’t have to worry about desk space for another box and power supply, or firing up a DAW in order to start my sequencers (driven via SYNC24 through a Doepfer MSY2), just choose the app on the MidiPal panel and click start.

That is great! Where did you get the panel done? The rolled sides look very professional…

Indeed they do - good job EM!


For LCD rectangle holes I use nibbling tool similar to this, it saves a lot of time and resulting holes are pretty neat.

Nice panel EM! Between that, a DINsync- and a MIDI/CV-converter you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks! Most of the modular makers will sell you a blank (synth.com, Moon, etc.) for $25 bucks so it already comes cut, painted and with rolled edges. It’s 1/16th" aluminum.

For the rectangle hole I used a dremel with a right angle attachment and metal cutting wheel. It wasn’t easy and it shows. But once I get the feel for knob layout and see if there is anything I want to add, I’ll look to get something professionally cut.

Now I just need to dust off my C programming skills from 1988 and I can get moving on that CV2Midi app. I’d also like to see if there is a way to work out combining multiple functions within one app (such as the simple master clock + CV-Midi).