MIDIpal Monitor Characters

I just reworked the layout of my synths so I could plug back up my 61key controller. As soon as I hooked it up, I noticed data comming into the IN of the MIDIpal. When I disconnected the MIDI from the keyboard, the data went away. I then plugged it back in and selected the “monitor” app. All that showed up was . I then pressed keys and the correct data was passing through, but in idle, I get the. I know on a Shruthi, this means that MIDI data is coming in. Is this also true for the MIDIpal? If so, my guess is the MIDI keyboard has flaked out. It’s an old MIDIMAN Radium61. Probably time for something new anyway.

Regarding timing: things are difficult timing-wise when you need to react to external input, or send sparse bytes to an IO port. Trackers do not have to solve these problems - this is just playing back a continuous stream of non-interactive sampled audio. Even a Palm with a 4096 samples buffer could do it right.

Speaking of tight, the good old tracker days… That was some tight timing! Someone did things right even in ancient times.

Now I really hope nobody combines this thread with the ongoing discussion about Virgin things and states things like “Only Virgin Things are really tight.” or something…

I was hoping to get some small derailment going, but I didn’t wanna go there thinking that too sexist comments were out of line. Also, it would be nice if some women took part in this forum and they wouldn’t have to put up with offensive remarks.

Hence I suck at derailing even though I try.

Why would MIDI have to be replaced exactly? For the guys who can hear the 1ms delta between each note of a chord and complain about hearing arpeggios instead?

True, there’s a bit a cruft in MIDI (Active sensing, all those weird poly/omni modes), but I think it does quite a good job at what it does. And there’s such a large population of machines already having it, some of them sought after vintage synths, that it would be a bad move not to have it.

I think MIDI will still be around for a long time, and that we will still use it at a time today’s web standards will be ridiculously dated.

The problem about USB is that it shares the Bus with a Zillion other things so its not Isochron.
I have the feeling that Logic (for example) isn’t that tight in timing when using a cheapo USB Interface as a MPC. I haven’t measured this its just what i feel about. While MIDI is slow its super tight - a Message is sent when a Message is sent, it hasn’t go thru a huge Pile of Layers of Software…

I’m having some fun with the iPad but I like to run everything through a midi patchbay. Having the midipal show all messages was handy, but I really should look for a newer controller. Anyone know of a 76 key or 88 key synth with multiple midi outs?

I"m amazed that midi hasn’t been replaced by something else by now.

Erm, USB. Let’s face it, old MIDI is good enough for noodling, USB is everywhere and we can carry audio digitally through USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt or MADI, Adat, TDIF or just plain old SPDIF.

Elektron (Machinedrum, Monomachine etc) has TurboMIDI running at 10 times the speed of ordinary MIDI. I think it’s open in case anyone else like to try.

However, next time I build a serious synth I’m not going to bother with sysex at first. The built-in web-server plus some HTML5 is better and at worst the editor is part of the thing.

The in-thing these days is core-MIDI and OSC. Gotta give the iPad etc some lurv.

Get a Kawai K5000s! Excellent keyboard action, 16 knobs with real pots that transmit cc:s and a really nice synth to boot.

The USB stuff should be connected to computers/pads only. Their MIDI ports are just fluff. The computer can filter out active sensing and such.

The point is that it avoids stuck notes caused by a MIDI note on having been sent before the cable has been unplugged and the MIDI note off not reaching the synth since the cable has been unplugged.

Looks like a lot of live cabling accidents happened in the 80s :smiley:

How does your Synth recognize if the Cable is unplugged without Active Sensing?

The JX8-P sends and recognizes this. Later Roland Synths (D-10 and younger) don’t

What’s the point of stopping the notes if the cable is unplugged? Won’t it be kind of obvious at that point?

I have: Kawai K1, timing wise Rock Solid. Sells over her for some 55 €. Has some really cool Fairlight like LowFi Sampling Sounds. And no Filter whatsoever :wink: Or you could buy my SL compact 49, its almost unused.

Active sensing was supposed to be useful - when a synth has received active sensing messages and suddenly stops receiving them it assumes that a cable has been unplugged and stops all notes. Don’t know if many synths implement this. The Shruthi doesn’t.

Yes. I had the 61-key version. I couldn’t wait to sell it and felt fortunate that someone, somewhere, still wanted to buy one.

qp if you want another controller, get one that is attached to a synth! Seriously! You’ll have way more fun with it. I’m sure people here can point you in the right direction if you don’t already have something in mind.

See? It’s not just me… they blow.

You, too? I bought it when i was back at makin some Sounds - the MIDI Interface is just about the worst i ever saw and i use Midi literally right from the beginning. Its not only slow as a Glacier (a huge, slooooooooowly one) its also changing…