Midipal / Midigal hybrid - more or less ;)

Ive been thinking that it could be nice to have Midipal. Unfortunately its unavailable long time ago and some parts are hard to get or expensive. There was also Midigal which is almost Midipal without some important to me features.
So idea was how to connect both worlds: Midigal and Midipal. Both of them have something cool. Midigal is cheap to build but Midipal has external connector for 8 pots converting entire device for 8 channel midi controller. Unfortunately not everything can be send but in some cases those datas can be translated somehow.
Anyway… Ive used 8x2 lcd and now is mounted below the pcb which is usefull when button is soldered. Board is in SMD to keep everything small. Later Midigal was released also as SMD but still there not posibility for externals.
Summary: if for example 5 would be ordered i could sell them about 70$ each or even less. There is no enclosure yet but i have to earn something for some machining jobs. :wink:
P.S. On the picture you can see both firmwares running. You have to know that when Midigal is used there is no possibility to use anymore “controller” app for Midipal. Its simply because 2 lines have soldered in pull up resistors. Of course you can unsolder them but thats another story.