Midipal Midi chain loop?

In the manual it shows how the midipal can be used to add features to older kit.
But doing this with other kit involved, would this not create a midi loop? I’ve read a midi loop is bad practice.

There is no risk of MIDI loop if the other synth does not retransmit on its MIDI out what it receives on its MIDI in.

If your synth has a dedicated MIDI thru socket, this is a good sign. Otherwise, check if there is a menu somewhere to disabled MIDI in merging onto the MIDI out.

And yes a MIDI loop is a bad thing, a guy recently complained that his MIDIpal wiped all preset on one of his synths, and the only possible logical explanation I found is that his setup had a MIDI loop, which caused the synth to get a bad case of MIDI buffer overflow, corrupting RAM.

MIDI loops really suck. Had this wipe issue years ago with a Poly800, which wiped all user patches out of my PCM70. This was really bad, as i tried to dump all my patches via sysex. Was then obsolete… :frowning: