MidiPal Latency


I am thinking of purchasing a MidiPal. Is there anyone who has one who can measure the latency of messages when four transformations are applied to the stream?


The MIDIpal runs only one app at a time. The latency is the time necessary to decode the full MIDI message (about 1ms for a full 3-byte message). Incoming MIDI messages are processed as soon as decoded, and the processing code executes in microseconds (we are talking about a handful of comparison and assignments, about a hundred CPU cycles at 20 MHz)

By “four transformations”, do you mean four filtering rules set in online the custom filter editor?

Yes I do. So that means about 1ms total?

Yes. Or less if the messages are transmitted with running status (only 2 bytes per note).

nonscientifically, i have a midi quarda merge _> midipal -> quadra thru and I cant really tell any difference in latency with a rule engaged or not. But I like it loose.

latency brings a bit of humanising in to every midi machinery :slight_smile:
but i have not noticed any latency. nice pal