Midipal + Korg Volca Bass/Keys

Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to use the Midipal with any of the Korg Volcas.
I’m especially interested in messing around with the CC LFOs, as the Volcas allow control of several functions via CC

does anybody already have these? Here in Europe they are not available yet…

Yes they are available in Europe at the moment… but the few that come into the shops seem to fly out immediately … I got hold of a Volca Beats that way. I didn’t use my midipal with it. Only thing i could do with the CC on the beats seems to be the samplerate of the PCM sounds.
It’s a very fun machine though.

where is the best place to get one of those volcas right now?

Hamburg Überseehafen or Rotterdam Overseas Terminal… i guess you will have to steal them direct from a Container :wink:

My Volca Beats should arrive next Wednesday according to local shop ( Basel/CH ) that I preordered back in April

I was lucky in a local shop… They had one beats and one bass. I think you could try the smaller shops. All the big shops have long lists of pre orders.

£120 on ebay?

@shiftr did you keep yours? Do you have a brief Shruthizen analysis of the Beats? Or the Beets?

Yes I will definitely keep the beats and I think I will go for the keys too.
It’s a really nice little drum machine and sounds great like an analog beatbox with lots of character. It’s no 808… I think it compares better to a 606 or a dr110. The kick is really strong but the snare is the only sound I really don’t like. Also the stutter function is really useful since you can motion record it. You can create delays or weird synthesis effects with it transforming the sounds.

There are a few shortcomings though:

No pattern chaining.
No accents. One volume per instrument.
It doesn’t save the volume setting in a pattern. You can set the volume per instrument wich works great. But the setting is global. Also if you switch it of the volume settings are gone.

There seems to be a really easy mod adding a midi out wich gives you a nice drumsequencer.

I hope there’s trigger input modding potential. If not we can all just build fcd72’s three eyed machine to run a Beats with Grids. That sounds like a dream date to me. I am a total sucker for 110/KPR/Compu-rhythm/miscellaneous lo-fi organ style drums. 808s are cool but I don’t need one! :slight_smile: