MIDIpal kit?

I’ll have two. One for insurance in case I screw up the SMT!

Yep, one for me too! :wink:

One for me too.

One here.

I would be interested in one kit!

im hesitantly in for one (kit)… any idea (roughly) when tho?

cash flow is a bit of an issue for a month or two…

Does the kit come with a box/case? Is it shruthi sized? I will have a spare shruthi case once the programmers done. :slight_smile:

The prebuild is a fab idea and im sure you could charge more … just saying. The amount of people who would want ready to go rather than a kit must be at least 10-1.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


It is the size of a credit card, not the size of a Shruthi. There will be a case but no design finalized yet. When? Within 2 months.

I’d like to build one or even two.


i would like to build 1

yes, one please!

Probably. What is it? Is it the SMT toy you’ve been talking about, and if so, what does it do?

(Sorry, I’ve had less time to read the forums recently. A summary would be nice, if it’s not too much trouble)

Documentation here

This topic is only to get a reliable estimate of how many units could be sold if I do a small batch of kits.

two sealion

i’m in for one, perhaps two, dépend of final price

Now that looks like it could be a lot of fun… Assuming the price is reasonable, I would definitely be interested in one of these.

Im in for one as well!

I’m in for at least one, maybe two depending on price

I’m also in for one possibly two depending on price.

I’m also interested in one (shure) and perhaps two depending on the price.

Hi guys (and gals?). :smiley: Me too please!