MIDIpal hack of the day: JX3P-like sequencer

Following a discussion on AH I had this thing coded in 2 hours (+1 hour for finding the camera and repairing the drawer I found it in, and A LOT of time for figuring out iMovie)…

Hit rec, enter notes one by one (lowest C for rest and lowest D for tie, configurable). You can then make it loop and overdub new notes on top of it.

Shitty video here

Since this sequencer is needing a lot of memory and eeprom storage (128 steps, up to 6 notes per step), I had to build it into a distinct firmware that features only the sequencer, monitor, sync latch and clock source app.

I’m doing some more testing (it looks like I have hit a stuck note when transposing like crazy) and I’ll post the .hex file here. I will try to get a better video with another MIDIpal splitting notes for the lower octave into a different MIDI chanel, and sequencing 2 Shruthi-1s :smiley:

You da man Olivier!

the next run of MIDIpals are coming soon, right?

because this means I definitely need at least two of 'em.


I need to pull the trigger on a midipal… :wink:

That does look cool! Put me down for a MIDIPal when the next batch comes out.


@toneburst: if you don’t mind SMT and the need for a programmer, kits are available.

woo hoo. i’m in. SMT FTW SMT FTW SMT FTW

Well, I don’t mind SMT soldering too much, but don’t have a programmer. I’ll wait for the pre-made one, I think.


How does this compare to the step sequencer in the normal firmware?
The one that is in the manual is a simpler version with no overdub less steps etc?

Only a few weeks left!


The one in the standard firmware has 64 mono steps (so overdub is kind of pointless), velocity and 2 CC values per step.

This one has 128 steps, with up to 6 notes per step, but no velocity / CC recording.

very cool…is it possible to put money down yet?

This wouldn’t matter much. I have put money to have 250 of those made, so when they are delivered they are not going to run away instantly!

I hope not because I need one for my new controller! :slight_smile: