MidiPal Fully Built and Confirmed Working :)

I bought a Midipal kit on its first few days of release to work on with a friend ( a 90% him / 10% me arragement !) well… we have finally got it up and running.

It has already been wrapped up for me for christmas now (having to build your own presents, clearly the Elves are on strike ) so no more playing until the 25th, but I thought I would make a few additions on here regarding general observations.

1. the step by step guide is in a really good order , it gives you optimum room to work around the small parts…go with it.
2. in my friends opinion, adding flux to the pads first yeilded best results when soldering.
3. the part SW2 (small switch) is a complete mystery, it only JUST fits on the pads …and then there is nomention as far as I can see about what it does, interesting , any throw any light on it? I’ve just left it alone and Im fine, it sits inside the completed case to I will probably never use it again.
4. The screw threads to hold the case together are a mystery, no matter which way I screwed them all together, I was always left with a huge gap between the maximum tightness and the case…it looks like the longer screws were the wrong type, but this could just be my unit?
5. I can confirm that the tinyisp loader from this shop works http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Arduino-Robot/_i.html?_armrs=1&_dmd=1&_from=&_ipg=30&_sasi=1&_sop=1&_trksid=p4340&_vc=1 good rpice too and only 12 days to the UK from China.
6. It is worth noting that there is no description as far as I can see about the pinout for the Midi Pal… I can confirm that ground is the bottom LEFT pin on the Midipal with it facing towards you and that on the tinyISP above, that relates to having the cable so that the wire with the red ink on it goes on the left also.
7. Also on this Tiny ISP design it is worth mentioning that there is a little jumper pin on the TinyISP itself…this has to be REMOVED for the loader to work.
8. I followed someone elses thread to find the excact commands to type, however in the instructions given some of the names have version numbers in the real downloaded hex’s… therefore, watch your filenames.
9. oh yer…we probably got it right first time but we couldnt see it had worked until we turned the little trimmer screw A LOT…there are many many turns on this thing until you begin to see the LCD working…therefore we flashed it twice before I realised i could JUST see a little text onscreen.

so thats it no big bothers really…have a go ! and BIG BIG props to Olivier for his hard work in bringing this to us…I will surely be building again when he releases his next tool to go with my midipal and shruthi.

3. SW2 is a reset switch, very useful when you write code for the thing and it crashes all the time :slight_smile: It is not needed and if I ever do a hardware revision I’ll get rid of it.

4. We’ll have to wait for fcd72 on this one…

6. This is a standard ISP header.

If you look at the board drawing (and silkscreen), there’s a little line indicated the 1. pin

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The Assembly for the Screws Bottom to Top is as follows:

M3x12mm - Bottom Panel - 20mm Spacer with Screw - Board - 10mm Spacer - Top Panel - M3x6 Screw.

The ugly part about this is that my Supplier for the Spacers (you all know this “Ill ship from different Manufacturers matching to our wobbly Specs” Company here in Ge*R*many…) obviously ships different types of 20mm spacer so the long screw might not fit. Ill change to M3X6 for the NExt Batch.

can you drop me a pic at daniels (ät) daniels (minus) cards (dot) de ?

Perhaps it’s time for a “[Sticky] Census of successfully assembled MIDIpals”?

Hi all.

3. Thanks for solving the reset button mystery…at least I didnt press it haha

4. fcd72 ?? no worrys , we has some spare screws laid around got it up and runnning with them, but just a heads up for other people the gap was significant enough to not be able to secure the plastic case…the sides could easily fall out and it was wobbly.

6. ta for that. maybe put that on the build page, its not something an amature like me would know to even look for.

Picture wise, sure I can, it will be after christmas…Ive basically built my own present for my parents ot then give back to me on chistmas day, so for now it is wrapped under the tree.

looks good tho, shame I didnt get the sext blue lcd version, mines common or garden green, but i do love the black production board :slight_smile:

might sling a super bright LED in there under the board