Midipal for sale (unused)

Hi all,

Earlier this year I built some MIDIpals and I’m selling one of them, which is unused. I made it myself but I’m an electrical engineering graduate so I know what I’m doing. The case is fairly basic - laser cut acrylic from one of the case design files floating around these forums. I’m not charging for the case, since you might want to replace it.

Here’s a picture:

I’m asking 70 AUD for the unit, and I estimate postage to be around 30 AUD, but if it’s less, obviously I’ll charge less.

I also have a 9V DC power supply (with UK, US, AU, EU plugs) that I can sell you if you need it, for another 25 AUD. It’s this one: https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/ac-dc-adapters/1244704/.

Also, please note that while I have tested the unit and it works, I cannot give you ongoing support personally. You can use the forums of course :slight_smile:

Still selling, if anyone’s interested.

Hi! Still for sale? I´m interested: