MIDIpal for Adding Swing to Korg Volca Beats

Hello MI Community,

I was wondering if MIDIpal could be used to add swing to the Korg Volca Beats? For that matter, if I had a MIDI thru box (http://www.midisolutions.com/prodqth.htm) and used MIDIpal as the master clock for the Beats, Keys and Bass, could I add swing to all three boxes?

Thank you,


Yes, that could work.

MI + Korg: a great combination. I recently have been really loving slaving my Volca Beats to my Anushri for swing and also drum layering!


I have been using Anushri as a bassline synth with my Volca Beats and Keys! I modded my Beats for MIDI out and have been using it as the master clock.

Thanks for your response Oliver. I’ll keep a look out for MIDIpal being restocked when the store reopens. Have a great Spring break!