MIDIpal firmware v1.3 alpha version

there is a problem with the poly_seq version. settings does not show up after firmware is installed.

@pichenettes did this ever make it out of alpha? I have a use case that the new firmware would help and I think i need to reacquire a unit.

I did not get much feedback about this, but the handful of people who requested this feature never complained about this code. A few changes have been added after that, here’s the “bleeding edge” firmware

Are any of these changes documented somewhere?

Two bugs have been fixed: one in the way channel is checked in the “custom filter” app, and in the saving of settings in the sequencer app.

More importantly: to enable the “note clock” setting, there is now a distinct setting in each app (“int” is for internal clock, “ext” for external MIDI clock, and “not” for note clock).

“bleeding edge” firmware, ha! Good one.