MIDIpal firmware v1.3 alpha version

Given the delays in the delivery of the modules and the MIDIpal cases, I got some time this week to empty my TODO list for the MIDIpal firmware.

  • A new app called ‘settings’ allows some global system settings to be defined, such as 0xFE message handling (let them go or filter them), app selection menu encoder hold time, and more goodies (see below).
  • The MIDIpal can now be edited using CC messages. CC #80 changes the first parameter, CC# 81 the second parameter and so on. The whole CC range (0 to 127) is mapped to the range of each parameter. The ‘remote control’ channel is defined in the settings app (setting called “ccc” for “cc channel”), and can be of course disabled - when the channel is set to 0.
  • The length of the arpeggiator rhythmic pattern can be altered - this allows many new crazy irregular rhythms!
  • The CC LFO app can now send pitch bend messages. Wowowowow. To do so, select CC# 127 - a modulated pitch-bend message will be sent instead of a CC# 127.
  • The clock divider app now has a built-in clock delay function. For example, when the delay is set to 6; the transmission of the START message and of the subsequent clock ticks is delayed by 6 clock ticks. This can be used to create interesting time-shifting effects between two drum machines or sequencers.
  • The MIDIpal can now be clocked by using note messages on a user-selectable channel. See details below.

More about the “Notes as clocks” thing:

  1. Go to the settings app and select the MIDI channel (setting called “clc” for “clock channel”) from which note messages will be interpreted as clock messages.
  2. Select the clock resolution: by how many ticks each note will move the clock forward.
  3. Go back to the application you want to control with note messages (sequencer, arpeggiator…).
  4. Select the ‘ext’ clock source.
  5. Repeatedly play a note on the selected channel to start and advance the clock.
  6. Play any other note on the selected channel to stop and reset the clock.

This feature allows the flow of the arpeggiator/sequencer to be controlled by another sequencer or drum machine (in the spirit of this).


  • Very fresh - it hasn’t been thoroughly tested.
  • This firmware won’t be installed by default in the units sold on the shop for the next 2 months.
  • When it’s ready, donations will be appreciated.
  • It is very likely that I’ll have to let go the “ear training” app - at the moment the firmware can’t compile with this app included because of the added features; and I’d have to save ~250 bytes to make it work!

Wow awesome :slight_smile:

And haha: When I read “in the spirit of this” my first though was the “A guy called gerald” youtube video. guess what… :smiley:

whohoee! CC support is great!

“Notes as clocks” feature sounds very exciting!

yep, that sounds very cool!

does this fw come with the 101 (monophonic, with autoglide support) or the jx3p (polyphonic) sequencer - or both?

101. I can build it with the polyseq too ; but the multi-build script is currently broken until I have decided on the fate of the “Ear Training” app.

i think we can live without the ear training app. i know that i can.

I must confess i have never used the ear training app… I guess i’m a bit afraid off it

Awwwww yea CLOCK!

I agree with @shiftr, punt the ear training app. A computer is better for that sort of thing anyways.

Dang! looks like I gave up on the platform too soon!

Cool new features. Yay!
Are the new features going to be listed on the manual as well?

Cool update!
I noticed 2 problems :

  • Settings page displayed wrongly when nothing have been set (fresh firmware install)
  • monitor does not display CC anymore.

settings page displayed wrongly when nothing have been set (fresh firmware install) -> This is normal, you are supposed to do a factory reset after a new firmware install.

monitor does not display CC anymore -> Are you sure that you have not sent, by mistake, a CC that changed a setting in the monitor app and caused it to listen to another channel?

1) Indeed, did not know about that
2) Nope. Listening to all. CC control works though.



I think it would be really useful to display the value currently being edited by CC. The best way would be to display it momentary, like on the shruthi.

think I noticed a bug: once latch is set to ON in the arpeggiator app, it can’t be shut off

If this works as it should I’m willing to donate. It all sound like just what I wanted. Gunna have to grab a second midipal so I can have two synths on notes as clock