Midipal Firmware Upload Woes

I just got a midipal and am having trouble updating the firmware via .syx/C6 on a mac. I’ve been following the instructions on the website and I’ve tried swapping midi interfaces and cables with no luck. When I hold down the encoder during power on I get the proper blinky lights and blank screen but after that nothing happens even though the midi interface says it’s transmitting data. When I power cycle the midipal it’s the same as it was before attempting the upload.

I tried re-downloading the .syx file and also uploading a different one but always with the same result. Is there anything else I should know/can try?

Which midi interfaces did you use? I tried with a cheapie midi one before finding out it doesnt transmit sysex, same for my alesis io dock.

I’m trying to use a m-audio midisport 2x2. I’m fairly certain I’ve used it in the past to update synths via midi/syx. I’ve also tried a cheapo alesis q25 midi keyboard.

I tried a Native Instruments Kore and it worked without a problem so I guess it was an issue with my midi interface. Add the 2x2 and q25 to the list of things that don’t work.