Midipal Firmware update question

Hey i just got a midipal and was trying to update the firmware, keeping the encoder pressed while powering the unit on doesn’t seem to do anything. The midi in and out leds both stay unlit the whole time. Is there any other way to update the firmware?

where did you get it?

bought it used off muffwiggler, clear box diy thing

also happened to me last night, trying to update to 1.4. downloaded all of them, tried all of them, using C6, (worked flawlessly when i moved to the 1.3beta), now whatever i do, it blinks, recieves, and still sais 1.3. :confused: started to wonder what did i do wrong, i came here…

whitepalms: the firmware updater has not been installed. Since the DIY units were sold with bare chips to people who had an AVR programmer, most people just flashed the firmware and not the updater code.

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So you need an AVR ISP or similar to install the updater (bootloader?).

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oh awesome, i thought i was missing something really simple. so if i used an avr to load the bootloader it should work?

Yes! Here’s a link to the bootloader .hex file.

Install this with the AVR programmer, then boot the unit with the encoder pressed, and install the main firmware using the MIDI / SysEx procedure.

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Hey man. I too have the same issue. Is it possible to update the firmware without the avrisp?

If the firmware updater is not installed, you need an AVRISP to install it.

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ok cool. i’ll need to borrow one…

Can the polololu AVRISP work? thinking of getting one to do it.


Another FW update problem. I have a Midipal purchased pre-assembled from MI. It was running version 1.2, and I tried updating to 1.4. It did the brief LED blinking upon powering with endoder pressed. During FW transmission, the receive light periodically blinked. However, it never rebooted at the end. Now, the Midipal doesn’t work at all - no display, pressing encoder does nothing. I had this exact same problem before when trying to update to 1.4 and had to restore version 1.2 via ISP. Any ideas why Sysex firmware update is not working correctly? I certainly don’t rule out the possibility of Operator Error :slight_smile: but the procedure seems straightforward. Thanks!

Which MIDI interface are you using?

I’ve tried Ploytec MIDI One and some M-Audio Delta PCI card. I also have an ESI M4U XT but haven’t tried that one yet.

If the firmware is available somewhere in HEX format (version 1.4, SH sequencer, standard clock), then I can just update via ISP, but I only have the HEX files for version 1.2.

Try this!

OK, figured it out: I had been using Bome SendSX, which I really like and has always worked very well for me for other purposes. However, apparently it is incompatible with Midipal upgrade. I switched to Elektron C6 and success!

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Thanks, Olivier!
I love this device (and it’s progeny - Midirex, etc.)!

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Hello, trying and doing uploading the hex code from midiarp.hex i bricked the midipal.
Yeah these things happen when you like to experiment.
Looks like, after a search, that i somehow changed the clocksource so it says
’device id 0x00000’ so in short it is not to be recognized anymore because it is not running, because it can not run without a clock.
So i will unbrick it with an external clock oscilator, my question is,
Where is the xtal pin located on the midipal board, or what pin is it on the
arduino pro mini chip, i have a midi-pal by tube-ohm board, looks the same a every midi-pal board.
Thanks in advance, Dian from the Netherlands