MIDIpal firmware news

I have recently worked on the MIDIpal codebase. There is a “hidden” change related to the way the MIDIpal handles its internal clock. This is a first part of a long background effort that will ultimately improve latency and clock accuracy even more.

Besides that, the most visible change is the following: From now on I will start distributing a bunch of variants of the firmware, with different apps enabled/disabled. There’s a “meta-builder” script to automatically build all combinations of versions (excluding those that hit the memory limit; and there’ll be at some point an easy to use javascript thingie to route you to the right file.

Grab the syx files here.

  • hdclock / stdclock: The hdclock version has a different version of the clock app without swing and tap tempo but with a BPM setting in 0.1 increments. This has been contributed by forum member ander.
  • stepseq / shseq: Encoder editable sequencer vs SH-101 style keyboard input sequencer.
  • eargame / tanpura: Ear training game vs Tanpura pattern generator.
  • poly_sequencer. This special version has most of the apps removed and has instead a JX3P-like polyphonic sequencer. This app has been reworked a bit. You might remember that the previous version used two notes on the keyboard for tie/rest. This new version uses the encoder, to be consistent with the “SH sequencer” app (the design with tie/rest/exit accessible on the encoder suggested by mic.w).

Once this version is out and tested (and burnt on an upcoming batch of 250 MIDIpals), I will get back to the incremental updates / new features, etc. but I need to make sure through field-testing that the new clocking foundation is rock solid!

Cool, the whole dynamic build thing is a really useful thing.


Cool, thanks!

Is the active sensing filter “hidden” within the monitor app as you had proposed?

Not yet ; it’ll be “hidden” in the app selector menu.

I have updated the files. 0xfe is filtered when the unit is showing the app selection menu. And a bug in the display of tempi below 100 BPM for the HD clock app has been fixed.

Excellent, thank you! Will try as soon as I get a moment, hopefully tonight.

on the shseq, can you transpose via the keyboard once it is running?