Midipal expansion idea

A pcb to interface with the analogue input pins, perhaps with some scaling to bring external signals into the 3.3v range, for the purpose of doing trigger/gate/cv to midi conversion, would be a dream to trigger midi events from a modular, or use with piezo pads to trigger midi drum machines, samplers etc. Any plans for such a thing - pretty please!

I would personally like it the other way round, midi to cv, since i haven’t found one inexpensive midi to cv converter >_>

There are a few around, there is a guy in Poland making one called minicv, I use one and it is pretty good, about 50euros for the pcb (already built, just add case)

My bad 30euros http://www.midi-hardware.com/index.php?section=prod_info&product=MINIcv

Thats actually a pretty good price, will def. check him out… Thanks :slight_smile:

I am wondering :

  • How easy would it be to add CV/gate outputs to the MidiPal ?
  • How easy would it be to convert that MidiImplant linked above into a standalone box ?
    For the latter, does it involve only buying a couple of midi and jack plugs, an adapter and fitting it into a matchbox, or is it more complicated than that ?

It would be hard to add CV/Gate outputs to the MIDIpal: it will need an additional DAC, some extra regulation to get a +5V rail for the gate, some extra level shifting/buffering for the gate. It’s a MIDI processing box after all, let it do this job well and use a dedicated box for CV/Gate conversion…

The MidiImplant board needs external connectors (MIDI, CV/Gate, power supply) and that’s it.

Ok, so MidiPal + MidiImplant seems the way to go, then…
Thank you for your quick reply, Pichenettes.

So with a MidiImplant and a bunch of plugs, it should be good ?
I will only have to solder cable wires to the MidiImplant, no PCB or components like diodes or potentiometers, etc ? (my soldering skills are sub-zero).
I will consider that option :slight_smile:

But, with 55€+postage for the MidiImplant, shouldn’t i even better go for a used Doepfer MCV-4 ?

I don’t think the MIDIImplant was never intended to be turned into standalone CV/Gate box (though this can be done of course, by connecting wires and connectors). The purpose of this project was more to have something very small to put inside existing synths and MIDIfy them as little intrusively as possible…