MidiPAL Drum (Euclidean) reset function & timing issues

Hi there,

the handy euclidean drum mode in the Drums App of the MidiPal unfortunately won’t start playback of the pattern at the first beat after a stop message is sent but somewhere in the middle or where ever it left off. It’s important to me that the eucl. seq playback starts at the beginning of the pattern (like in pattern mode).

So boldly I resetted the step counter and bitmask on stop messages (euclidian_step_count_[part] = 0; euclidian_bitmask_[part] = 1 -> for all four parts) which kind of worked but also moves the first activated step in each part to the beginning of the pattern and therefore changes the layout of the pattern - but I think I can figure that out.

What bothers me more right now is the delay in both modes (pattern and euclidean) that is present when sequenced to an external clock with a note played directly on the first beat. As you can see, this is quite significant- to check I tried it within the same setup on the arp app and the timing is absolutly tight. So my guess is it’s due to the drum app.

Has anyone else experienced that or has any suggestions?
I’d be really thankful :slight_smile:


Screen shot 2020-05-25 at 1.35.12 AM