Midipal [ CNTRLR ] app wiring and setup?

Mutable Instruments community, hello from l’australie

I’m not very well versed in electronics. ( tinkered a bit circuit bending and stumbled my way through a few kit builds where I only half understood what did what and why… if that. )
-though Id like to learn more…

Anyways, que to the present and I’m helping to put together a gallery installation. One that will feature among other things a wall of numerous old TV’s. -all sizes with various video feedback loops live streams and bent / rewired text generators etc…

to add more interactivity I’m thinking of controlling a kaoss entranced via midi using the midi pal’s [ CNTRLR ] app.

I’d like to use a breakout cable like elthorno mentions… and a collection of pots and sensors around the place.

specifically these ones.

Thing is:

I’m a little unsure exactly which points to wire to and if it’s ok to use any pot / touchstrip / flex sensor as long as it’s wired as a voltage divider and attached to the 3.3 out on the board and to the ground.


] [ -3.3v GND

<> [][][][][][][][] ()

>analouge 1…8, 0… 3.3v GND 3.3v

< 3.5 v > [ 0 to 3.5v in x 8 ]

Do I simply wire pots in series connecting the left point to the 3.3v out -the centre to one of the 8 ( or 7 ? ) points along the lower edge -and the right to ground. ( last on the lower edge ? )

is the square one 3.3 out ?

are the last two ground ? ( or last one ? )
why are they grouped as a pair with brackets ( like the 7 before ) ?

what are the in / out / ground points on the side…?
should I ignore these or use them ( if so how ? ) ?

a diagram would be really helpful. or a photo… -here’s hoping : ] any help at all appreciated.

Just don’t want to fry the thing as its so darn useful. -yet I gather thats unlikely while using 3.3v out from the midi-pal’s board.

thanks and


Check the datasheet for the touch and joystick stuff to figure out which connection is what, I can’t really help you with the midipal app, since I don’t have one (Yet!) :frowning:

-thanks… indeed that would be a good place to start… -alas, as all the parts came my way from rummaging around in surplace bins and the communal circuit bending draws at seespace… data sheets weren’t included. with the touch strips I’m pretty sure they’re akin to generic potentiometers ( albeit without hold ) -which is ideal in this case. Though yes, I w’ll google t hat to be sure. I assumed that the x / xy joystick thing was just two generic pots also… with a wiggly bit.
-anyway, with this project as long as I can get anything to react on the screens to the controls I’ll be happy.
while I think of it, I have an unopened midi pal in kit form I’d happily trade or part with below cost…
( the surface mount IC seemed a bit risky when I purchased it around a year ago. )