MIDIpal CC to Key Pressure, CC to Program change

Hi Folks,
Ran across MIDIpal and it looks very interesting.
I have an old sampler that actually understands Key Pressure Polyphonic after-touch.
I have a pad controller that sends CC’s for Pressure applied to the pads.

My question is, can MIDIpal transform CC to Key Pressure ?
I’ve read the manual, and looked at:

I just don’t see it. Sorry if it’s obvious.

I’d also be curious about transforming CC to Program Change

Thanks for any help,

Events can be transformed into CC but not the other way round, sorry.

Is this a hardware restriction? Or could it be coded somehow…?

There is a hardware restriction at play - there was little memory left to store the processing rule, so they use a storage format very densely packed and it wouldn’t be possible to add message type transformations to the existing code while preserving backwards compatibility.

If you don’t mind writing your own processing code instead of relying on the editor, this can be done.

Hmmh, I can code in processing a bit. Maybe its worth the effort. Where can I find source files? thnx