MIDIpal CC remapping

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Hi Pichenettes,

Just bought a Kiwitechnics Patch Editor for use with some older, knobless synths (got a MultiTrak, did the eeprom mod that lets it respond to midi CCs like a SixTrak, mw1). It’s a really nice box, allows you to develop some muscle memory unlike grids of knobs on general purpose controllers. The main negative about the patch editor though, is that it’s not an open system for users to add templates – if Murray doesn’t do it, no one else can.

I bring this up, because it would be cool if the midipal CC translation function could be used beyond the 4 filter limit. I’d need to remap something like 40 CCs. Is 4 filters a limitation of the underlying transformation code in the midipal itself, or is it a limit in the editor? Can I just modify the editor to allow an arbitrary number of CC number remaps?

It would be cool, because midipal could allow the use of the PE for any synth that takes CCs, like the Shruthi, Anushri. Murray isn’t likely to develop templates for these.

Thanks, minphase

Ah, I see

static const uint8_t kNumModifiers = 4;

in generic_filter.h – so it’s limit in the midipal. Can I change this safely (and just experiment to find how many can be handled?). Best, KC

> Can I change this safely (and just experiment to find how many can be handled?).

Yes, if you want to reproduce my result that 4 is the maximum that can be handled :slight_smile:

The limit is the eeprom size to make the 4 user programs (4 filters each) non-volatile, given that we have also settings for a dozen of other apps to save.

You might hack the firmware to remove all apps except this one, and increase the number.

> I’d need to remap something like 40 CCs

It would be better done with a custom CC remapping app. I’m not the one who will write it though!

One other alternative would be to go for a Event Processor Plus device. I think it can do ~ 30 remappings. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks, PP, I had no idea that one existed! I’ve had a few of those wee boxes over the years.

For the kiwi technics box, I’m going to try an ipad solution first, midi bridge I think it is. Bought the app, haven’t tried it yet in this scenario.