Midipal category and question

Would it be possible to get a specific Midipal forum category ?

Should the Midipal appegiator ‘loop’ on input chords ?


Many thanks :slight_smile:

Should the appegiator ‘loop’ though ?

Yes, the arpeggiator plays a looping pattern on the notes of the played chord.

can i use this to re transmit midi cc mesages 16 and 17 to other midi cc mesages so that i can use my z1 x/y pad to control the asr10 for vector synthesis

at the moment i use a korg control pad but it sits at the other end of the keyboard which makes it hard to use the mod wheels at the same time while playing live

with the z1 i am hoping that the midipal will redirect these meassages so that i can sit the z1 above the asr10 and use its mod wheels and pad and pitch wheel

while playing on the poly aftertouch asr10 keyboard

doing my vector transwave synthesis

Yes, you can use the custom filter function to remap up to 4 CC message to a different CC number.

great just what the docter ordered its got an arpeg as well umm i think some vangelis arps while vectorering 4 transwaves in an never ending scape

are you doing full kits or part kits and does the kit come with a case

just went to the shop its full kits then thanks