MIDIPAL case files?

Howdy friends,

I’ve got a Midipal on the way which I will eventually make a custom case for utilizing the 8 analog inputs in one way or another. Or another and another.

Does anyone have any sort of midipal case drawn up already? I would be tweaking it but would definitely share whatever my finished product is upon completion.

The case files for every MI DIY Product should be found in the corresoonding GitHub Repository

Actually not for the MIDIpal :confused: Email them to me and I’ll post them in the git repo.

Here they are + PMed
Change .jpg to .eps

Here we go

Yes, I checked github before I asked. Thanks guys!

Also, Frank: is it
A. Annoying, or
B. Awesome

for you to do one-off laser orders if the drawing is ready to cut? I had planned to have a few things done by Ponoko but if it is at all logical given your time spent and shipping (I am in USA) I would just have you do them.

Ill do one offs all the time, so no problem… shipping is not that bad to the us, mostly around 12-17€

drop me a line via fcdaniels (funnycharacterwiththea) me (dot) com

hi all,
did anybody already successfully customize the orignal case to hold 8 pots for the analog inputs?
or build another completely custom case that has this?
i’m looking for experience how this might look.

Something like this? This is actually a shruthi digitalboard running the midipal code in a modified shruthi case.

ah yes thanks, interesting. that’s of course a much larger case then.

Yes… It’s larger. You could end up with something in between the midipal and the shruthi i guess.

hi again,
i decided to go with the original acrylic case cut from the pdf on github for now… small question on that: does anybody have the BOM of the hardware baggy that came with the kit? thanks!