Midipal assembled not functionning [NOT SOLVED]

Hello this my first midipal and i get trouble
I have assembled my midipal yesterday and now i’m here :
midipal start with the blue screen and nothing esle if i press the button his screen show me : chn[ 1]
When i test 3.3V it’s look like a ‘court circuit’(dont know the word in english)
no led are lit two things are different of the assembly pictures on my board :
1- in the led line one of my 100R resistor is not in the same orientation ( i supposed they are not polarized )
2- the R8-10K resistor is labelled 1002 or in the picture i read 1003
What should i do now thx for the help

I am assuming you purchased a kit with a preprogrammed chip?

Did you press and hold the encoder button for about 5 seconds. I remember the first time i turned my prebuilt on, it said the same thing. Took me a trip to the manual to figure that one out.

Hope this helps.

I see that you have changed the topic title to “solved”. What was the problem and how did you solve it?

So you don’t see anything on the screen while the “Monitor” app is running? Not even note messags sent by the sequencer?

exactly i see nothing when monitor app is running but passing trought the midipal and give me a weird result whit my shruthi’s

It looks like there’s something wrong with the MIDI in, then… Check all soldering joints on the optocoupler ; and near pin 30 on the MCU. Which voltage do you read at pin 6 of the 6N138 ; with the MIDI in deconnected and with the MIDI in connected?