Midipal as wavesequencer

Yamaha TX 802 has a nice function, where via multimode different voices could be played in a
sequence, resulting in sounds similiar to wavesequences.

It would be nice if in MidiPals Dispatcher there were such a mode, that
cycles one note in a defineable intervall through different midi channels, until release.

So any synth with multimode can be used as a wavesequence synth, where one voice
on one channel does one waveform at one time.

Do you think this would ever be implemented?

The cheaper solution I can think of: buy a second MIDIpal. Arpeggiator function on the first midipal + dispatcher in “cycle” mode on the second one.

So the arpeggiator on the first midipal has to be programmed to do
"no arpeggio", that is to repeat the note pressed until release. Is this possible?

If you play only one note, the arpeggiator won’t make an arpeggio, it’ll make a rhythmic pattern with only one note.

Ah yes i see thank you.