Midipal as Shufflebox?!

Is it posible to create a app who shuffle a midiclock? I have a external device for dinsync and midiclock. a pot shuffles the incoming clock. also you can stop the clock while playing , the clock will run in the back, if you hit the switch the outgoing clock start at the next first step.
To explain it a bit better , please visit the youtube link. its the original video from the guy who build thek original shufflebox. I think this app wil be a great benefit for all midipal users. i whish i can program it but i have no clue to do that. here the video http://youtu.be/FR6sbVRHlOU

It is possible, but I don’t have any resources for that before june 2014.

@citric acid why not build the shufflebox yourself?

@aerror i have 2 shuffleboxes. the project is over and there are no mote parts and pcbs left. kasbar didnt rerelease it.

i cant programm so i cant do this app. was just a question, if someone has the time and power to programm it , it will be nice .

@pichenettes. yes i know , you do a verry god job, and if you will programm all idears you cant do the nice things…totally agree.

hope its ok that i shared this idear here…

I’ve been meaning to get one of the Shuffleboxes.
I can’t believe it’s no longer available. ~facepalm~ :frowning:

i was in contact wirh the inventor of the shufflebox , but he has no more pics and no pcbs. someone said with 2 midipal you can do the same but. you can’t . i wish i could program the midipal ;(

Thanks Citric Acid, I asked him myself a week back and he confirmed he has no intention of making a new batch of PCBs. I’m selling Eurorack to get an SND ACME4 instead :smiley: (check it out but be wary of the price)

Hello, what are the news about this ? I am looking for a cheap way to shuffle my tr808.