MIDIpal as a "Mungo Sync"?


I have some devices (x0xb0x for example) that require to be stopped during live performance to change the pattern. But then I’m not able to resync the device to the running midi without restarting the clock. There’s the all famous mungo sync (http://mungo.com.au/syncZ.html) that can do it. But it would be great if the MIDIpal could be used for resync with the midi clock as well. Does anybody know if and how the midipal can achieve this?

Thx alot,

Hey thx. Was scrolling throuth the midi pal multiple times but didn’t find it :wink: Maybe an update will help. At least, you’ve made my day :slight_smile:


Its a recent firmware revision so you might need to update midipal to have the feature.

uh oh here we go again :slight_smile:

i should really consider using stuff after building it, i wasn’t aware of that cool feature yet.

Did you see this in the manual:

Sync latch (syncltch)

This feature, inspired by the Mungo Sync allows a slave device to be synchronized and started/stopped in sync with a master device playing a loop.

Consider the following situation: you have a drum machine playing a steady 2-bar loop, in 4/4, and generating a clock signal for a slave MIDI sequencer. You need to reload a pattern on the sequencer. You stop the sequencer, load the pattern, and then you need to hit the play button on the sequencer at the exact right moment so that it starts spot on the first beat of the 2-bar drum loop. Tricky isn’t it? This is where the MIDIpal can be used. Insert it between the drum machine and the sequencer. Configure the duration/time signature of the loop (Here: 8 quarter notes). The MIDIpal will keep counting beats. When you press the MIDIpal encoder, it’ll wait for the beginning of the loop and then send a start message to the MIDI slave. When you press again the MIDIpal encoder, it’ll wait for the end of the loop and then send a stop message to the MIDI slave.

I use this feature on the Midipal to slave my MPC to it. I can then sample using an audio track on the MPC (jjosxl feature).

It works really well with the limitation that the MPC cannot “overdub” an audio track while in playback. So I just stop the MPC (and it can still receive midi and act as a sampler while stopped), hit record, tap the mungo sync, and boom. Everything fires off without a hitch. Clock-accurate loop every time, which I can simply chop up brainlessly into 16 pads or start re-sequence the loop using the octatrack sequencer.