MIDIpal and MPC

Hi everyone,

Was trying something out today after I realized based on my set up the best routing scenario is midi keyboard -> Midi Pal – > MPC and thusly syncing the MPC to the midi pal when using functionalities such as the arpeggiator and step sequencer. In this particular scenario, I was arpeggiating an AX 60 synth connected via midi on channel 2 on the MPC. In the settings of the midi pal, it would only apreggiate if the channel on the midi pal was set to 1, if I change it to 2 (the actual channel the synth is set to respond to) no arpeggiation happens. Now this wouldn’t be an issue if I just recorded the arpeggio data to the mpc and moved on to the next track, however, if I want to continually work the arpeggiator without recording data and move on to mess with another track on the MPC there is no longer midi data going back and forth between the mpc and midi pal.

So what I’m wanting to know is, why is it that while the synth is on channel 2, arpeggiation data is only received when I set the midi pal to be on channel 1? I feel as though if the synth is on channel 2 and the midi pal is also, I should be able to bounce back and forth between tracks on the MPC while continuing to use the arpeggiator.

What channel is your midi keyboard set to?

It was on 1 but now I’ve set the midi keyboard to be on 2 and on the arp app, the channel is set to two. Basically trying to just get the two to only talk to each other regardless of what sequence I’m on in the MPC.