Midipal and Midi Filtering

Hey everyone. I’ve finally got the Midipal functioning how I’ve always need it to (mostly) but still had a question about something that’s confused me for a bit. The only way I found to get the midi pal to work for my set up is utilizing a dedicated midi out port from my MPC so the midibud receives no information other than simple midi clock. I have it set like this -> Midi keyboard out -> Midi merger in port 1 -> MPC midi out port B -> Midi Merger in port 2 –> Midi Merger out 1 –> Midipal in –> Midipal out -> MPC midi in 1. It is set up this way so the midibud can receive both note information and midi clock and so I can apply it to any synth within my midi chain coming out of the MPC. Ideally I wouldn’t have to dedicate an entire port of 16 midi channels that I could be utilizing elsewhere but I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to make a global setting on the midibal to ONLY send and receive midi on a specific channel. I know there is the midi filtering app but I can’t use any other apps while using this correct? What happens to selections made to the midi filtering app when selecting another app?

One other thing I’m trying to figure out is say i’m using the arpeggio app on a synth connected to the midi chain of the MPC. When I am actively on said track within the MPC, the app works beautifully, however, ideally I could set the midi channel on the midi bud to the same channel the synth is on, leave the latch on, and move onto other tracks on the MPC. Unfortunately, unless I stay on the track i’m arpeggiating in the MPC, the midi bud is no longer sending information. Sorry for all the questions but I appreciate y’alls time and help if anyone is still checking this forum!


> What happens to selections made to the midi filtering app when selecting another app?

The MIDIpal can run only one app at a time; and the settings from the other apps don’t have any influence on the currently running app.

If you configure, for example, the arpeggiator to run on channel 1, then channels 2-16 will be passed through by the MIDIpal, always. You can’t prevent that.

Regarding your last question, I’m not really familiar with the way the MPC works. I’m not sure what “move onto other tracks” implies in terms of MIDI data sent by the MPC.

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Basically on the MPC, you are only programming a specific machine when you are on that “track” aka midi channel. I suppose what I was thinking was if you set the midi channel on the Midi Bud to the same as the machine you were arpeggiating, they’d create a link just the same as if they were directly connected one after another through midi.