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t2k > thanks for the list

Quick test tonight @120BPM

Access Virus B OS V4.90: 6.57% (+0.4~0.6 BPM)
E-MU Command Station XL-7, OS V2.0: 1.85% (+0.1 BPM)
Eventide Space firmware 5.0.0[5]b: 1.92%
Roland TR8, firmware 1.20: 0.56% (sometimes, kinda wobbly during the tests)
Roland XP-50, latest CPU/ROM: steady 1.85%


Sequential Prophet 6 clock:

60 BPM: 59.10 / 0.063%
120 BPM: 119.10 / 0.114%
250 BPM: 249.10 / 0.019%

Weird shift down by 0.90 BPM consistent across the range.


Hey there,

A few more tests @120BPM

Cubase 2.83 with MOTU MIDI Flyer parallel interface on an old Pentium120 16MB RAM Compaq 1130T laptop running a fresh install of DOS6.22/Win3.11: 2.085% (+0.1 BPM).
Arturia Beatstep Pro firmware 4.1% [+0.2~0.3]
Arturia Keystep firmware 0.4% [120.6 BPM, best I could do using the Rate knob]


Here’s Maschine Mk II running on a first generation 12" MacBook (1,2 GHz Intel Core M) at 0.7%. It does seem to drift to 119.9 BPM every now and then though.

In all honesty, I am pushing it a bit by running it on a somewhat underpowered laptop…


TR-09 at 1.9%.

Someone please send me a TR-909 to compare! :wink:


Arturia Beatstep Pro – great device functionality but horrible clock stability:


Maybe we should start a website to very visibly shame these vendors into updating their firmware…




@t2k – I really doubt vendors are looking at those sites. What may help is emails/calls to customer support. If enough customers are complaining, vendors can see this is a problem that needs fixing.


@kvitekp Yeah, I agree; that was more a joke than a serious suggestion. :slight_smile:


@t2k it’s so sad that Beatstep Pro has such an unstable clock, I like the device a lot, but cannot really use it because tracks just fall apart and rhythmic delays suck :frowning: Will give them a call.


Btw, if i may chime in, there are distinct sites likes this one:



The innerclock stuff is useless because they don’t give good information on their testing method and how to replicate their results.


With 0.4% clock deviation only, the Keystep is quite good compared to the Beatstep Pro.

Too bad it does not have a real BPM setting and display.


What really pisses me off, is the fact that Arturia does not feel the urge to get rid of this issue with wobbly timing of the Beatstep Pro. There have been no updates on this for months now.


@nightworxx they don’t feel the urge because it appears that most people don’t care about this issue.


Does the BSP still have high jitter if clocked externally, either over USB / MIDI or the clock voltage input?


@DMR yup, just as bad. It appears that BSP measures incoming clock frequency then generates internal clock according to the measured value. This is a common approach for the devices that implement swing and micro step adjustment.


It wouldn’t be too much of an issue, if this device wouldn’t be propagated as a drum trigger sequencer. But some percentage deviation in clock makes tight drums a bad joke…


I absolutely love the clock tester mode.

@t2k I’m noticed that when measuring the Sonic Potions LXR depending on the LXR’s TXF settings I can get anywhere from about 1.6% (txf= anything but ALL) to over 10%(txf set to ALL). When the LXR txf is set to ALL, and I turn up the tempo (>200BPM) I have seen as bad as 20%.

Have you seen the same?