MidiGAL -- yet another MIDIpal inspired project


@kvitekp Here’s the result of testing my build with yours. It seems fine, so I do think it’s safe to assume the above results are valid.


I wonder if there is a difference between those devices clock deviations in regularity. If the they are random or if they are somehow regular and this way creating a groove. Would there be a way to measure that?


@shiftr Yes, but it would take more sense to use an algorithm running on a desktop computer for pattern detection. You’d still use a device like this for reliable sampling and then send your data over for analysis.

I would however be very surprised if you’d find any kind of meaningful pattern. :slight_smile:


@shiftr – i could not detect any pattern with the devices i tested (HR16,SR16, ER1, RM1X,MC50MkII) using industry standard testing equipment, all the devices seem to have normal distribution:


The fact that the distribution of samples is normal doesn’t imply that there is no pattern (it’s just a very bad smell…). To be really sure that there’s nothing, you could also plot the autocorrelation function.


True… i’m no saying there are no patterns, i just could not detect any other peaks other than more or less normal distribution. i guess i could export data and try Excel’s or Python auto correlation functions… don’t have mathlab installed.


> t2k May 28
> I got the same results as @foksadure above running the clock tester on the new Electribe.

Thanks for the confirmation of the kinda sloppy e2 MIDI clock (still a fun device nevertheless).

Try testing @25, 50, 100 and 125BPM for a little suprise. :slight_smile:


Received a Yamaha QY70 a few days ago. It scores an impressive 0.1%. That’s more like it!


Yamaha has a proven history of great clock sources:


Damn. I sold my RM1x years ago. Regretted it almost immediately. Will need to get it back.


The QY70 is surprisingly fun by the way. I got it to sequence external gear, but it turns out to include a more than decent sounding rompler synth engine.


I think the QY70 has the same synth engine as my old TG300 module.

I really loved that box, back in the day.

In retrospect, it’s not the greatest-sounding synth out there, but it’s what I could afford at the time (1994), and it was more flexible than you might think.



I’d be curious to see the results of MidiClk with an Anushri and a Sonic Potions LXR…


and a midibox SEQV4 :smiley:


FWIW; the one that kvitekp assembled for me is for sale. DM me in case you’re interested.


Aren’t the QY series the cutest thing ever? I have three! I really need to stop buying every midi box I see, these MIDIGals looks so sweet … must resist.


@midirobot – yeah, in addition to MIDI OUT, MidiClk has 4 digital outputs, two of which output standard Sync24 signals (24PPQN clock and Start/Stop), and the other two are configured as following:

pin4 outputs pulses with the period selected by the “StepLength” page which could be set to 1/64 triplet, 1/32 triplet, 1/32 note, 1/16 triplet, 1/16 note, etc. all the way to 2 whole notes.

pin5 outputs pulses with the period selected by the “StepNumber” page which could be set to any value between 1 and 96, giving you a multiple of the period set by “StepLength” page.

For example, if step length is set it 1/4 note and step number to 4, pin4 will give you quarter notes, and pin5 will have bars.

Picture below shows pins 4 and 5 with Step Length set to 1/64, Step Number set to 4, running at 250 BPM with 1ms pulse width:


thanks for the detailled explanation:)
so if i get it right no need hardware mods or firmware tweaks
to get it working as master clock for midi and modular at same time.
another question:
the midi clocks stops when you press stop?
ask this cause my octatrack and renoise are sending continious midi clock tick
even the sequencer stopped…a bit annonying.


> so if i get it right no need hardware mods or firmware tweaks
i recommend adding 1K protection resistors between MCU pins and output jacks.

>the midi clocks stops when you press stop?
no, midi clock keeps going… this is the only way slave devices can start on the correct clock tick. I can probably make it configurable at some point.


cool,nothing big to mods,
about the clock should be awesome to be able to choose
as an option continious midi clock tick or not.
anyway will come to you soon to order a board :slight_smile: