Something strange happens when i try to sync my shruti to cubases midi clock.

if i just send it notes and no clock it responds fast and nice but if i try syncing the arpeggiator
to external clock it responds about 100ms later and dosnt seem tight at all.

iv tried correcting the clock that cubase sends out and such but nothing helps.
it works fine with MSSIAH on the commodore.

any ideas?

fiddle with latency settings on your set up? you should be able to compensate to an acceptable degree.

Will try to check for a problem with sync tonight… Have you upgraded to 0.56?

oootini: true, but… but… =)

pichenettes: nice! i wish you all of luck!

nope. im still at 0.54 i think. (the one thats on originally)

i might just as well ugrade now. i got nothing better to do.
will get back with result.

0.56 installed. great success!
at first it synced perfect.
but after running a while it seems to be some kind of strangeness anyway. =(

it seems like the longer its exposed to cubases midi the stranger it gets.
iv been testing for about 30 minutes now. and at first it seemed to work fine.
but now its almost back to those 100ms again.

ill try and reboot the shruti.

btw: it was really easy to install the firmware through cubase.

i changed from the emulated driver for my usb-soundcard (edirol).
and now the arpeggiator seems to sync much better to cubase!
great success!