MIDIbox BLM boards pr0n [was: seen this? 12 track midi sequencer]

Somehow no way for me to get it working as embedded video -idiot proof advice needed :wink:

that’s a guy who bought a Shruthi from me. check it out sounds interesting. from his comment on youtube it’s possible that there will be a DIY version at some point!

Project here

Mmm… Blinkin Lights!
It does look good though! I imagine that even in DIY form, it wouldn’t be especially cheap however…

probably not. the panel and illuminated buttons alone must be worth a fortune

I have been wanting one since i first saw it. But it’s so far out of my budget, that even a diy version wouldn’t change that.
As i recall it, that thing also didn’t sell very well. But i might be wrong on that.

it looks like a Tenori one !


Really expensive though, particularly considering that something like a launchpad (or several) should be able to do something similiar :confused:

Yea but a launchpad doesnt look like you work for NASA.

Looks good. Shame about the light bleed from one light to the next. Needs some LED surrounds to stop that :slight_smile: you expect that sort of problem with commercial but you can usually avoid it with DIY.

Anything wrong with using a Midibox Seq V4(L) and a Midibox blm?


And here it’s in action…

I’m sure someone (Frank) could make a proper NASA-case for it :stuck_out_tongue:

only thing wrong with that is that i don’t have it :wink:

Wow. I want to build that. The possibilities are endless…you could sequence poly tracks with 4-6, drums with 4-6, bass with 2-4, melody/FX played in with the rest,

Makes an Ableton Push look like (even more) of a toy.

EDIT: good lord the parts for the MIDIbox Seq V4 are expensive- and I don’t trust myself to build that (the BLM looks easy but that’s because it’s got zero internal processing!)

The Seq V4L is some 60€ according to TK. Bought a used one with a case for 100€.

I’m not totally sure about the compatibility with a V4L but it’s oughta be a Seq V4 with just a very reduced interface. (Which the blm would make up for)
But yeah, it’s hard to resist the full V4 one…which is still cheap for all it does. ~300€ for (my opinion) the best sequencer there is. And that’s with a case.

If I ever needed a reason to get into Midibox stuff…

well you’re right about the SeqV4 except for the estimated price, if you go for a professionally made enclosure. i don’t know the DIY price for the rpe but it’s not impossible that the costs for a V4 plus big BLM are quite similar.

According to this thread the enclosure seems to be rather cheap and the PCBs are too. I can’t imagine the small parts costing an orbital price to match the rpe.

Maybe it’s not a superduper sexy case but, it’s a case!

Are there or are there going to be BLM pcb’s too?

yes it’s a case. but it’s a lame comparison isn’t it? if you do the SeqV4 and 16x16 BLM in the same Quality we can compare them better.
Note that i’m not saying Midibox isn’t the best, no matter for what. but it ain’t for free too. if you want optrex lcds and a decent case you will pay for it.

I just built a MB Seq4 and it’s lovely.

Mine doesn’t have a case yet, just put the panel PCB on some acrylic that fint on top of an old DVD player case, which has the Core module inside.

Could you tell how much you paid? Or perhaps even share your shopping cart(s), if that’s not too much to ask for :wink:
And I’m a little confused about what makes the V4…is it just the LPC17 board+LPCExpresso? The rest is control interface? I would like to know how to tell a V4 and V4L apart if its not for the interface, cause I guess a full V4 is a little overkill for the BLM, yet on the V4L it says it’ll have limited features.

@shiftr See attached pic.

Can’t make a link because of those weird brackets.

The difference between the full V4 and the V4L is just the control interface PCB and of course the application loaded. Plus all the extras you can use with the full V4!

There’s a few options for the full V4: Buy a SD-Card socket PCB for storage, add an Aout_NG and define your 8 CV outputs, make a small board for a level shifter for the 8 gate outputs, add a 4xIIC MIDI out PCB if needed, BLM port, the near mythical BLM itself, there’s a nice TPD (Track Position Display) board by Ilmenator… I also added a wireless to ethernet bridge just for the lulz, tack on an OSC server in your PC/Mac and use Lemur as a soft BLM or just a remote control on teh iPad, etc etc.

I use the TPD on the side as a kind of auto locator. It shows BPM, where I am in the sequence etc. Very handy little gadget!