The conditional note re-triggering is a lot of fun.


For all the ppl needing a case: https://misw.us/midisizercases.zip


Thank you so much Altitude !!!
Glad my MidiAlf get some clothes !
Is there any licenses regarding the cases ?


Nope, use them as you wish


Thank you Altitude for the midiALF case design.

Anyone knows a good supplier to cut the plexiglas and preferably located in Europe?


The files are formatted for Ponoko or Formular (in Germany)


the new features sound great! Going to have to get stuck into building one. Thanks for the case files also! Much appreciated


I have a midialf waiting on a shelf, thanks for the files, i will try to finish this !


alf on the shelf?


Yes, backlog… i started an aluminium panel a while a go to use it eurorack, but never finished it, i seen that there is a new firmware, have to try that !