@kvitekp I’m not sure if I explained it correctly?
I would like to have a secondary midi channel configurable, from which note and gate information could be sent directly out the cv/gate jacks on the midialf.
So the midialf sequencer would continue as normal, you’d simply have two additional cv/gate sources assignable. Essentially just tacking on the midi->cv/gate functionality, without having to dedicate a module to it.


@dotlogic – if the sequence is not running, MidiALF/CV works as a pretty versatile MIDI to CV converter. I’m note sure that use case when sequencer core is running on one channel while CV extension is converting the other channel is a viable use case.


Hey Folks, I’ve had a MIDI ALF for a while now but no case! I can’t seem to find any source for one short of making my own. Peter doesn’t seem to be supplying the acrylic anymore. @altitude do you have some CAD files that you can post of your panel? You mention above (a few years ago) it needs reworking and you don’t have time, could you post what you have so others could work with it? @kvitekp I know this is low priority for you, but do you know anyone making cases or would you be able to convince Frank to share his CAD files?


It’s actually a high priority now as i’m actively working on MidiALF v2 firmware which is a substantial re-write to get the firmware size down in order to make room for new features which include advanced step settings control, including Elektron RYTM/Digitakt like conditional triggers, per step ratchet, UI improvements for live performance usage and more.

I have unproven plans for the acrylic case which I’m going to finalize and order cutting for as soon as get v2 code complete, hopefully in a week or two. So please stay tuned and let me know if you’d like to play with the v2 beta.


Great to hear there’s a v2 coming!

Altitude did do a small run of midialf cases a few years back which worked quite well…


Great news! And thank you for the excellent work so far.

If two or more units could be chained too and maybe simple envelopes (like the Minibrute 2s) then this would be wonderful!


That’s great news!
I was thinking to sell mine since i wasn’t using it anymore but now i have to check the 2.0 firmware.
Would be great if you could add a setting for reversing the encoder direction. :slight_smile: Since i build mine using wrong encoders that are reversed. I’ve build my own version of the firmware a long time ago that reversed the encoders.
One thing i always wished for is polyphonic mode and be able to have the four sequences running at the same time.
And i still have a pair of PCB’s if someone is interested.


Hello @insolace. I have sent you a PM about the case


Hi there! I search a case as well. Actually I need 2 cases: midiALF with CV and midiALF without CV.


MidiALF chaining is planned, i’t not sure it will make it into v2.0 release.

EG’s are out of question, not enough program memory :frowning:


I don’t think reversing encoder option in the UI is worth it. However, i’ll make it easier by adding a compile time define you can use to reverse encoders without patching the firmware.

I’ve researched the Poly mode and postponed it for now. Will look at it again after v2.0 is up and running.


New features implemented so far:

Per step settings: clicking on a step encoder now opens a set of step setting pages.

New step settings include:

Conditional step playing, similar to Elektron’s Conditional Trigs (Shift, !Shift, Pre, !Pre, 1ST, !1St, random 1-99%, A:B 2-8, i.e. 1:2, 2:2 … 1:8, 2:8 … 8:8)

Conditional CC1 and CC2 values

Randomization of Velocity, CC1, CC2 values

Step retrigger / ratchet ( 2-16 times), re-triggered notes may have progressively modified velocity (±63) and pitch (±48), chromatic or according to a selected scale (one of 167).

Step retrigger can also be conditional.

Song mode allows you to specify which sequence of A-D, how many times (up to 63), with which transposition (note) to play at each of 8 song steps.

The original MidiALF features are retained, however UI has been reworked to improve hands on playability.

All of the above is implemented, tested and works as expected. The only piece left to implement is SysEx support.

Email me if you’d like to play with the new firmware before it gets officially released.


It’s all good! Thanks for your efforts.

Guess we’re all asking for early Christmas presents which are all different and trying to ‘squeeze a quart in a pint pot’!


Wow! Does Shift and !Shift mean we can move steps off the grid?


Shift condition means that the step (or CC or Retrigger/ratchet) will be played only when the SHIFT switch is pressed (it’s the lowest switch on the right). The !Shift condition means the opposite: the condition is true when the Shift switch is not pressed. This is very useful for modifying sequences on the fly, like adding fills and break ins during live performance.


A compile time define will be great.

All the new features look really great!


Great to see you’re still working on this! looking forward to trying the new features :slight_smile:


Preview build of MidiALF v2.0 firmware is available for download … to my knowledge, everything works as expected. However, there is a lot of new code, it’s basically a major re-write, so please report any issues found.

Preliminary documentation is available here.

New features highlights:

  • Conditional triggers for Note, CC1/2 and re-trigger, similar to the ones in Ekektron’s RYTM and Digitakt. No more static sequences, spice it up periodically, randomly or manually by pressing the SHIFT key!

  • Note,Velocity, CC1/2 randomization. Note value can be randomized according to a selected scale which can be different for each step of the sequence. Try mixing different scales in the same sequence, endless joy!

  • Note re-triggering, 2-16 per step, velocity and pitch modulated, chromatic or restricted to a selected scale. Also can be conditionally triggered. Now you can ratchet just like TD :wink:

  • Song mode: up to eight steps, each specifies the sequence to play, how many times and at what transposition.

The formal announcement at www.midisizer.com has not been made yet, I’m following the old tradition and publish it quietly here, hoping for some feedback and beta testing :wink:

Have fun!



This is really exciting. I’m updating mine immediately to try out the new features.


MidiALF v2 is officially published, please check www.midisizer.com for details and the latest firmware.