What about the eurorack panel altitude, Could you post the FPE file ? Thanks a lot ! Bye


yeah, trying to find time to do that. The way I built mine requires a lot of custom tinkering (the lit buttons are too short and need to be raised) which I really dont have any desire to support right now so I need to rework the panel to take a standard height LCD


Same problem with my tabletop case. The LCD is too thick and buttons needs to be raised.
I’m thinking to go with OLED only for the case.


@kvitekp Any progress on midimerger thing ?


Not much, severe case of modularitis got me hostage :slight_smile: However, the project is not abandoned, I plan to return to it early next year.


Just finished building my MidiALF! It took me a couple months (I also built a MidiRex & Bud) and lots of emails back and forth with @kvitekp. Big thanks to Peter for his help, this was my first DIY project and everything managed to work afterwards. All of these projects are fantastic!


Hi Peter,
any chance of you getting back to improving the midiALF? There’s been no changes for long time now. :slight_smile:
I really like the sequencer. Little additions (like being able to edit a row in chain mode while play) would help though.
And I’d still like to see this going multiple parallel sequences.
Any love for the Alf?


Some features I’d like to make it better as a eurorack sequencer.

On a secondary channel, act as a midi-> cv/gate adapter, independent of the sequencer.

The ability to use CC tracks as gates, ideally when doing so the CC track page would display on/off rather than a cc value. I often use mine with a x0xheart eurorack module, and end up using up the CV outs to trigger slide/accent with plenty of gates left over.


@Mesmerised – there is ALF 2.0 in works, however it’s not a priority at this point. The low level code gets major upgrade in an attempt to make more CPU time for new functionality. No ETA though.


@dotlogic – eurorack sequencer is a cv/gate sequencer, correct? So how exactly separating midi2cv converter from the core sequencer will improve user experience?

CC tracks -> gates sounds like a good idea, thank you!


@kvitekp - That’s good news! :slight_smile:
I’ll be looking forward to ALF v2.


What is a priority Mr Pete? What’s cooking in Midisizer Towers?


As someone mentioned here – severe case of modularitis :slight_smile: Just finished a TTSH and want to implement a variant of MidiALF/CV firmware that would provide a bunch of AHDSRs, LFOs and arbitrary form CV generators to TTSH and Euro systems.


That reminds me…i need to order another midialf.


That’s sounds like a great firm for the midialf… I’m happy I still have a PCB set in my backlog for a sec one :slight_smile:


Is it V. 2.0 software or hardware?


@loopino – software only


Phew! Glad it´ll be a software upgrade!

Still have my PCBs waiting for some time to get soldered up into a MidiAlf w/CV!

Maybe this will push me into returning to soldier fumes.


Having built a TTSH myself too, I’m even more curious about what you’ll be cooking up now! :slight_smile:
Mine has a Kenton pro modular interface and the ARP Sequencer clone at its side.


I like my TTSH, but it obviously lacks modulation sources: i’m not always ready to waste an OSC for an LFO, and AR/ADSR are not the best ones out there. So i want an external device that could provide a couple of modern LFOs and AHDSRs with selectable curves, etc…, free running or synced to MIDI at various division factors.

For starters, this could be implemented as a special firmware for MidiALF/CV – with its 4 x CV and 4 x digital outputs we can have note CV, velocity, LFO, ADSR (you can assign any mod source to each CV output). Digital outputs can be used as Gate, Strobe and as clocks with various division factors – to connect them to S/H, ADRSR/AR trigger etc.

I’m also planning a variant of this firmware for Midi2CV Mk2 – same modulation sources, but controllable with MIDI CCs from external MIDI controller. My TTSH has Midi2CV in it with CV/GATE outputs connected to breakout board which sits where the mults where on the TTSH panel: there is a GATE and 3 CV outputs, plus Note CV above.