Well, I have a 12VAC that works with MidiALF/CV… those unregulated AC power supplies are rarely up to the spec. I’ve seen a psu that is speced for 18VAC but its output is 15VAC, and one of my 12VACs actually outputs 18VAC with no load.


What I’ve done just now is use an extra 1000 uF cap for C3 - this makes my 15VAC power supply work as well.

My particular LCD might be a little more power hungry than yours, so 100 uF for C3 was a little to low, perhaps.


Simple way to do this without desoldering the original C3:


By the way, Pete: the two MIDI LEDs can stay in with the CV extention board connected ?
They won’t indicate MIDI traffic anymore, of course, but they will not hamper functionality of the CV board ?


@eelco – MIDI LEDs: i did not try it myself, however I don’t think they’ll do any harm.


Thanks Pete, I thought as much. Currently got it running from my eurorack PSU.

I’ve not swapped my lm7805 for the switching reg yet. Seems to be holding up ok on a 12V supply.

Any chance we can get the CC tracks added as a source for the Gate outputs? I was going to have a crack at it myself, but my coding skills are pretty amateur.


Hi Pete,
been having fun with the ALF! I really like its stable timing.

Here’s a question for you: would it be possible to implement a feature to set up the MidiAlf as Quad - or Dual sequencer? (4 rows of 8steps playing simultaneously, or 2 rows at 16 steps)
Could the CPU handle that?


Technically, MidiALF already has 4 rows of 8 (or 16 or 32 if linked) steps: note, velo, cc1 and cc2.

At some point I tried two sequences running at the same time on different channels with CLK button switching between the one you currently see/edit, but the user experience was pretty confusing.


Yes, you’re right - there are multiple rows per sequence.
But you understood me right in that I want to run 2 or more independent sequences.
User experience was confusing? Hmm…
Why not switch the 4 or 2 sequence views with the sequence buttons on the left? (the user will have to decide in setup if there’s ONE sequence with multiple patterns or parallel sequences without the ability to chance patterns)

Looks like I’ll have to build another ALF then! :slight_smile:
But my first is STILL naked since fcd72 seems to be hiding from me for some weeks now… :wink:
(Frank, what’s up?!?)


Does anyone will sell some MIDIALF/CV PCBs in Germany?
That would be very nice, cause i hate to wait over three hours at the german customs here in Berlin, no fun!

Thanks Frank


Really you have to wait at customs to pick something up? If you like you can have them send to me in the Netherlands and i will send them on to you.


USPS Priority to Europe is pretty expensive, something like $30+ whereas First class is $13 for an envelope containing MidiALF boards.


there is no need to wait anywhere: even german customs usually offers the possibility to pick up a delivery at your local post office (and any possible tax and duty is to be paid there). You’ll get a notification from customs that gives further instructions. Envelopes often go straight to your local post office anyway. Do not worry and order the boards.


My midialf pcb’s came directly to my home. Like a normal letter. There was a sticker from the german customs in frankfurt on it. That was all.


Ok, I will try order some pcbs in the next time anyway.




Just got an end-of-life from Digikey for 3FTL6 LED switch used in MidiALF (side buttons). I don’t think there is a suitable replacement, however they still have 22000+ switches in stock at this point, hopefully that would be enough to outlast interest in MidiALF.

If not, we’ll be looking at MidiALF Mk2 boards.


I feel the will to build a third one… I have got a nice orange lcd here…


I have a friend who runs 5 MidiALF’s driven from the same clock split into 5 MIDI OUTs by MidiThru :wink: I’m begging him for photos/youtube demos, but he seems to be more involved in building and playing than with showing off.


Reichelt also carry the switches… Is it just the led version or the whole series?


There is no special LED version, they just don’t insert LEDs into the switch, thus I assume it’s the whole series.