euro panel complete!


Looks cool.where can we order one ? :slight_smile:


I will send the file to Peter after I check everything out. There will be two versions: One with the big cutout for the LCD that has the standard board offset and the brave version like shown above with the window


@altitude are these Rogan knobs?


Arrgggghh: need !


@Adrian, No, sifam knobs


Hmmm, yeah, this may be the next project…


@altitude Oh! I want one.


I’ll get the bom and files together shortly…
Heres an action shot:




Looks great!

Just as an aside, wouldn´t it be more flexible to have the sockets on a separate little panel? I have no Eurorack, but maybe that allows to place them left or right?


@altitude, I notice you have MIDI and cv ports on your version. Does that mean it’s possible to use the MIDI and cv ports simultaneously? I’m thinking about getting the cv board for my Alf but I don’t want to lose the MIDI functionality.


@piscione – you can use MIDI and CV ports simultaneously. This is especially useful with modern analogue synths like Korg MS20 Mini which accept MIDI Notes but no other modulations via MIDI, so you need to use CVs for everything else.

The only thing you lose when you add MidiALF/CV board is MIDI IN and MIDI OUT LEDs – their ports are used to drive the extension board.


Fantastic, thanks. As soon as I get home I’ll place the order.


@ Varthdader It would just add to the cost and would be more trouble than it’s worth… This was specifically made as a eurorack module so without the eurorack, your better off using it as a standalone. Just use the PCB mounted jacks that are already provided on the CV board and get the plexi case

“The only thing you lose when you add MidiALF/CV board is MIDI IN and MIDI OUT LEDs — their ports are used to drive the extension board.”

Ah, that would explain why the midi out light is always on :P. I could just wire a transistor right off the midi signal to get those back, no?


You’ll need a transistor and a couple of resistors, see MidiThru schematics here for an example.


@altitude: I agree this is not for me, what I meant is that someone with a eurorack might find the option of having the sockets independent more convenient, don´t think it would add much, material is the same amount, just split and with an extra couple of mounting holes. Maybe a bit longer cables to the sockets that´s about it.


How wide is that in Eurorack units?


@Varthdader its more of a setup thing, not a material. FPE charges $15 setup on any part regardless of size


@altitude: gotcha, not a good idea then, better like this!