Hmm. I wouldn’t know how. The filename is correct and I had re-downloaded it too to rule out dl error.
Did you also check the cv version? Here’s my file:


I have identical sysex file here and it updates the firmware as expected. Tried with two different MIDI interfaces (MidiSport 8x8 and GM5x5x5), under OS X and Windows (C6 and MidiOX).


Can confirm, that it works with Unitor-8, C6 and OSX 10.8.5…


Thanks for your help! But I’m at my wits end. I have removed the cv board from the main board, tried different power source, swapped the 6N137, sent slow MIDI, fast MIDI, initialized the memory… Nope: still 0.93d :frowning:

My setup is also MacOS 10.8.5, Midisport 2x2 or MacOS 10.6.8 and Unitor8. Tried sysexlibrarian and c6 software.
I don’t know what else to check? The unit works fine otherwise. (also MIDI in)


@Mesmerised — mystery… where are you located?


@kvitekp - in Munich, Germany. :-/


@Mesmerised – I can send you another MCU, however it would take 4 weeks at least :frowning:

Alternatively, you may get a programmer and try to flash it using the .hex file.


@Mesmerized: Or, you could maybe hit up one of the local MIDIbox dudes. There’s a few of them around Munich and it’s not inconceivable that they have programmers for all kinds of ICs. Ask them nicely over there and bring lots of beer.


Here is my approach to the Midialf. It’s a self-made wooden case with alu panel.


Wow, that’s nice. If you ever decide to make a few of those panels, I’d be interested in one.


Wow, looks super sexy! Great legend too. What are these knobs?


Wow top notch. Outstanding.


Dafuq ! This is ingenious…


I am in for a panel too if you ever make some!

Great looking.


Wow. Fancy.


tilted panel is very useful!


well done picard!


I really like that panel as well.


Pretty indeed! Please give us some more information.


@kvitekp: thanks for your offer. I’ll think about it.

I’m currently reading about how I could go flashing ATMELS on Mac OS X…
Seems like I’ll need “CrossPack” and “AVR Fuses” - but I don’t know which programmer would work with OS X.
Anybody can give me a hint?