@sammy123: yes, you’ll need Y cable if you want to use Gates 3 and 4: gate outputs are combined into stereo connectors 1/3 and 2/4.


Cool. Thanks. I am getting pretty excited for this.


Revised Cases will be available as soon as i have a PCB to make it fit 100%. If interest is there ill can also do Eurorack Style Panels.


About the combined stereo jacks for the gates: are the circuits protected against shorting? Because: when you put a mono plug into the gate1/3 jack you’re shorting gate 3 out to gnd. Will it survive this?


@Mesmerised: yes, there are output protection resistors that limit current if the output is shorted to ground.


@fcd72 I would enjoy the Eurorack style panel if you did decide to go that way.


MidiAlf with CV board finally ready. Took 6hrs to build (and almost 4 weeks for the pcbs to pass the customs). Running really nice! CV board working great too.
Love the progression modes. (this is deeeep!)

But: it’s naked… Frank?! :slight_smile:


Yups. CV Board dropped in Saturday (nearly 4 weeks) , MidiRex + MidiBud dropped in today (1 Week).
Will build and make cases asap - but I’m pretty busy till mid next week (Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt), so don’t expect Miracles till then :wink:


I have a euro panel coming this week


Hey Mesmerized that looks wonderful!

Is that a normal LCD or a VFD?


Got to be an LCD. The VFDs have a little stub on the end, like the back of a CRT tube.


@Varthdader: that’s the Optrex/Kyocera LCD. I could be a bit brighter though, the pics are misleading. (I used 68 Ohms for the LCD resistor, as recommended)


Very nice glow to it!


@altitide You don’t happen to have several euro panels coming your way? :wink:


Ahh excellent news. I’m waiting for a few parts to come in to finish my MIDIAlf with but I feel a case is also in my future.


@ masarin, just the acrylic prototype right now. I’ll send the file to Peter if it works out and he can do whatever he wants with it. There is a fair amount of modifications that need to be made to the board to work off of +/- 12 since its really laid out for MOTM, not euro. The PCBs do fit just fine for 3u though.


and here it is, need to fix window cutout but other than that, its done


Good job! I’d let that thing do me if it walked up to me and asked.


Nice one… now do this in 3Ply……


This was just a cheap way to test the layout, my ultimate plan is to get them CNCd at FPE. Despite my love affair with the textured black acrylic, its a PITA to find hardware that works well for something ~3mm thick.

on a unrelated thought for Peter: What would it take to add an analog clock in?