I think this might be the first completed DIY MidiALF, or at least the first I know of that Pete from Midisizer didn’t build himself. I think it is about as good a match for a Shruthi as there is on this world, surely equally great with any other Synths though as well. Build went well, and if you build one, I’m sure yours will go well too so long as you remember that LCD screens should face toward you and not toward inside of the case, and solder your header accordingly… All’s well that ends well :wink:

Who else is working on one?

The trick to .de is to send it via USPS first class, if you send priority, it’s handled by a 3rd party instead of Deutschepost

Is @fcd72 designing any case for this ? If yes , when would it be possible available ?

I ordered one pcb from @kvitekp and I will build it soon but I do not like my devices to be naked :slight_smile: .

Its Naked!

i thought i was too late but i wansn’t! haha seems like i need to have a dive into bom-land now too

Did anybody create a shopping list for Digikey out of MidiAlf BOM ? Can you share it ?


@fcd72 I know! Looks like I need a case! Do you know anything yet about what Pete’s got up his sleeve about the CV extension board? Mine will have that eventually and I would love a case that is ready or at least adaptable to the expanded version.

Can I convince you to laser bamboo? I don’t presume it has Strange Lensmangling Gases in it but I suppose I don’t know… :wink: else I’ll have to choose some interesting color plexi. No plain clear for me if I have any choice :slight_smile:

Like this

Is there anybody in germany who already received his PCB (s) an Chip(s)? I hope the customs don´t delay the delivery.

I´d like a case too: Midi only, desktop and as slim, narrow and flat as possible. :slight_smile:

I am thinking that based on Peter’s instructions that the CV board will be sandwiched a la Shruthi filter boards, in which case you might save slight thickness on the midi only versions but not much; just the thickness of a PCB and a spacer or nut. That way perhaps we can get fcd72 to offer a case with the option for CV jack cutouts on the rear panel and not needing other changes…but then this might require an extra spacer. I suppose we will have to see what Pete releases as the final CV board.

Then I will have to build a modular to sequence. Is that how this works? :stuck_out_tongue:

@loopino I received mine in Switzerland last Saturday (May 11th) which was sent on May 6th.

I made a public Reichelt cart:

some notes:

  • The tact switches or a working substitute are not available at Reichelt

  • The power switch or a working substitute is not available at Reichelt

  • I changed the 18pF caps to 33pF because of the crystal available

  • The knobs are different: http://www.reichelt.de/Drehimpulsgeber/KNOPF-13-164E/3//index.html?ACTION=3&GROUPID=3714&ARTICLE=73962&SHOW=1&START=0&OFFSET=500&

  • LEDs are red, change to your liking

  • The LED spacers are 5mm instead of 7.62mm (maybe you don’t need them at all?)

  • The LCD is very expensive, it may be better to get one from ebay…

  • I suggest you get at least 10 of all the resistors, because that reduces the price from 0,103 EUR to 0,033 EUR

  • You can save ~0,5 EUR by cutting the headers from a longer string yourself

I’m buying 40x2 white-on-blue LCDs from ebay user egochina8848 here – they look great, seem reliable, and use a lot less current than Newhaven black on yellow 40x2. Delivery time is also very reasonable.

I would love to see a demo of the beast…

@flip: Is that the same Reichelt Cart from last week? I ordered that yesterday. Are there changes between last week and today?

I also ordered the egochina8848 LCD.

hey joshuagoran Nice lego case on the Shruthi :slight_smile:

I’ve got a pcb in the post, not sure when it will arrive.

I ordered a 40x2 yellow/green lcd from the ebay seller kvitekp recommended. good price. It’s great how cheap some stuff is on ebay, 10 crystals for less than a third I’d pay for 1 if I went to a local store.

As I’m in Australia, I’m putting together a parts order from element14. I’ve identified most of what I need from them, just got to go through my spare parts bin and work out what I already have. Happy to share the parts list if anyone else is doing the same.

I can’t find equivalents for some bits though, such as the dc power jack and contrast trimmer pot, maybe the power switch too. Anyone happen to buy extra’s of these? or can recommend somewhere I can get them without paying through the arse for postage…?

I am waiting on a bag of parts from mouser. Cant wait to get started. I need a break from my my current Shruthi project.

I have a bag with more than 100 of the power jack if it’s the fat-leg standard 2.1mm type. I’m in Sweden though. I could slip a few in an envelope, but they won’t arrive quickly.

hi Jojjelito, that is very generous of you.

If they look like this: http://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/PJ-102A/CP-102A-ND/275425 they are likely suitable. If so I can pm you my address.


Well I would need only 1 or 2 (for MidiAlf),
but here’s an offer for 6 displays (POWERTIP PC-4002A8),
but I have no clue if these are O.K. ? ?