MidiALF Power Jack Bulk Order

Is there somebody else looking for MidiALF Power Jacks? Peter offered to send them less expensive than an order at digikey. The price would be 0,65 USD each + shipping from the U.S. (8 Euro devided through number of participants) + postage in germany/europe. I would offer to order and forward them.

I’m in

Count me in

2 for me, please

10 for me. :slight_smile:

A bunch for me - 10?

yeah count me in for 10 also, please. always good to have some

I think I take 10 myself. MicMicMan and Adrian: 1 piece each?

Shipping from the U.S. to Germany might be $ 8 - not 8 EUR. But let´s wait for the total number of jacks first.

I think the total amount will leave the tax-free area (23 Euro). So we perhaps have to add 19 %.

from my experience i’ve only had to visit the geniuses behind customs desks when it exceeded maybe 40 more likely 50€, most of the rest slipped through

dont you never ever ever ever use the words genius and customs in one sentence. not even on one website.


If we hit 100 the price will be $0.4324 a pop w/o shipping. I’ll take 20 myself.

If I pack them using sticky tape to make sure they are flat the international shipping price shoud not exceed MidiALF pcb/mcu shipping price of $15.

Oh, I’ll just storm in and ask for 10 for me. Every little helps (kill me now - it sounds like Tesco!).

I don´t know when you have to visit the local customs office and when not. Sometimes if it is expensive or if something is in doubt.

Normally they deliver to your home. But the sticker on the envelope is different. Below 23 Euro it is something like “freed from tax” and above it´s like “tax handling done” (like with the 2 MidiALF PCBs). I think that means that they might send a separate bill for the tax afterwards. But I don´t know really.

5 for me.

@fcd72 oh come on, you need to understand they can’t really focus on the rather profane customs procedure, descending down to earth and inquire about potentiometer wattage while they’re busy working out elaborate applications of hyperdimensional physics

10 for me, please.

5 please

So together with Peter we crack the 100 right now:

loopino 10
MicMicMan 1
Adrian 10
strangenoize 2
tb323 10
fcd72 10
rosch 10
Jojjelito 10
gp2xwiz 5
hsimonis 10
loderbast 5

total 83

Peter, please post here when it´s time to close the list.