Midi to CV

If i route Gate on CV1 in the modulation matrix, when a note received in midi, gate = 1 and cv1 = 5V it’s ok.
If i route Note on CV1, when a note is received, nothing happens. (cv1 = 0V) ???

The value of the “note” modulation source is:
MIDI note - 64

(ie, it negatively affects the value of the destination with notes below 64, positively with notes above 64) If you route it to CV, you will have a null output for all the notes below 64 (since the CV output can’t swing negatively).

Solution: also route an offset to the CV output (with an amount of 32, half the possible range). If you do so, you’ll get 2.5V with MIDI note 64 ; 2.5 + (5.0 / 128) for MIDI note 65, etc…

To use this with an analog synth, you’ll need:

  • A low-pass filter (it can be as simple as a 33nF / 10k RC network) because the CV1 output is PWM.
  • An op-amp with a gain to compensate the 0.46875V/oct scale the Shruthi outputs with the modulation routings described above.

Thank you for your help.

This schema is it ok ?

If i could see it i’d liek to take a look :wink:

EDIT: Looks OK, at least you wont destroy your Shruthi.

Schema is online :slight_smile:

Looks good to me.