Midi to cv interface

Oh, that’s parser related bug, ttry this link:

@shimonda: The cases were from a bulk order, but they come up on the for sale section of the midibox forum on a fairly regular basis. The front panel is not included - you have to get that made.

@ GSlug: " but they come up on the for sale section of the midibox forum on a fairly regular basis" There has been 1 order for those so far and that was last year, no one has organized one since. Core32 boards are gone, Smash has sold out of them so the LPC core is all that is left and does NOT fit the Heidenreich case. If anyone wants the files for my Hammond case, drop me a PM. The cost is half of the German case and there is more than enough room for everything. I’ve built in 16 CV/Gate along side the 4IIC board with room to spare

That is sweet, will send a pm in a while, or you have my email. I want one!

@Altitude: I didn’t realise that the Core32 had disappeared from SmashTV’s shop. As for the case, I brought one from a forum member a few months ago and have seen another since then. I guess I should have said that they have appeared for sale on the forum. I guess people may have been selling them off due to the lack of availability of the PCB at the time.

PS Liking your Hammond case. Did you have Hammond machine it?

Core32 was more limited and harder to assemble. LPC is much easier. But bulkier I guess.

i had front panel express do it. The problem with the lpc core is that it is deeper so it will hit the control board in the black case. its also really expensive for what it is, i worked out over $400 for the case, top, and back panel. too much imho

I guess it depends how you mount the LPC board? if you don’t socket it then it might be okay?

i dont think there is anyway to do it since the board needs clearance off the bottom to clear the profiles so its already as low in the case as possible and it already interferes. the only way i can think of getting it to work is to use panel mounted jacks and sink the board deeper in and lower

@altitude, are you saying that the case you show here was $400 with the front panel?

no, case is $50, cnc work was $160