Midi to cv interface

Hi all,
Looking for advice getting a midi to cv interface,
I see lots available, so now I turn to those that use them, anyone have one to recommend?


This one?


Rosch .. Beyond my skill level I think :( 6581punk , this looks promising, do you use one?

It was mentioned on here before. I don’t have anything that needs CV.

Ah, ok, thanks…I will search forums,

+1 for the midibox. I used to have a Kenton and the MBHP one puts it to shame

you just need a Core8 and an Aout_NG, both easy to solder. you get the PIC ready with bootloader. then put the ready available MBCV firmware on it, ah yes, and a bit wiring, usually done with ribbon cable.
i haven’t made a standalone MBCV yet, but i use basically the same setup (+ additional modules) in my Sid to control the SSM2044 board, and i can assure you, if i didn’t have any issues with it literally everyone can do it.

Ok, I will look closer…I can imitate, but I have no deep understanding of it, I will read it closer and see if I think I can do it !

there is a new lpc17 one in the works so unless u need something now, it might be worth waiting for a while

Also, don’t be put off by the incredibly, batshit insanely strewn all over the place cross-referenced documentation that they use over at the midibox team… It’s all there… Somewhere… :confused:

yeah…I do find it hard to navigate :frowning: I thought it was just me…Soon it may make sense…I hope :slight_smile:

admittedly, MBHP is a little like jumping into halfway through the 3rd season of “Lost” and expecting to know what is going on. Take it slow, ask a lot of questions, it will come into focus eventually.

Thanks ,
I will review thoroughly before I bother you all :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve been lurking there for a few months before making an account. I really want to build the MIDISeq full version but figuring out what to get and where is kinda confusing. The SeqV4Lite looks pretty cool as well and is sort of documented more clearly (there is an actual list of necessary modules). I e-mailed Smash-TV to get info about the Seq CS pcb he sells, imagining that is the full thing but haven’t heard back. Just going to give it time and keep looking. I’d love to have some kind of sequencer with buttons, lights, and visual tracking. I am, however, working on a Lemur app sequencer for my iPad.

@shimoda: All you need for the full Seq is the control surface PCB, an ARM core module and an SD reader. The core can be either Core32 or the newer Core LPC. Bear in mind that the LPC will not fit in the case that was originally designed for thee Seq. You can add the Quad IIC MIDI module for four extra MIDI outs.

And here you can buy cheapest TLV5630 DAC for Aout_NG
Seller don’t ship to RU, but with help of fcd72 i’ve got couple. Now they costs only $5.41

There’s a MIDI to CV mod as small as a MIDI in/output jack in itself. The MIDI implant by Roman Sowa in Poland. No personal experience and it’s not DIY (except for installing) but on the other hand- I haven’t read anything BUT good things about it since inception, and it’s now on Ver. 2. It’s PCB is tiny 2.5cm by
1.5cm. €55. Hz/V and V/oct. Lots of other features. @


Folks on this forum were asking about modding it’s code to use with the Midipal here:

I’ve also witnessed Expert Sleepers’ ES-2 module working great with a Serge. It’s software adds alot of Logic ‘environent’-like extra MIDI capabilities. It’s a tiny bit more costly than any other suggestion
so far, and would set you back a bit less than same amt. as any Kenton, if you have a compatible recording interface (like a old MOTU 828) but you also get multiple simultaneous channels capabilities so… it all depends on cost, size, features, and what level DIY y’all wanna contend with. You may not care for the computer and just want something plug n’ play?

@gslug, does that mean that those black cases I’ve seen for the Seq are available somewhere? If so I’d have no problem going the stm32 route. Thanks for the info.

@schrab, wow, that listing is already gone.